Renovation-St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church


St. Wilfrid Catholic Church has been serving the Woonsocket Catholic Community, and surrounding area, for more than 100 years, dating back to 1884.  It has served the parish faithfully and has served as a home for numerous inter-denominational weddings, funerals, and family get-togethers.             

In 2011, structural engineers determined that the basement footings, which support the main floor of the church, would need to be replaced. Temporary steel pillars were installed. We are now undertaking the renovation of the entire church basement because of the structural damage. The entire basement was gutted in order to replace the supporting pillars. The old asbestos floor tiles were removed and new cement flooring (with drain tiles) was poured. New handicap accessible bathrooms were installed, as well as a new ceiling. Four classrooms were completed and a new kitchen area is complete! The basement is back to full function, but we continue to raise money to replenish the capital fund that was used to pay for this project.

The recent renovation progress....all completed since the basement floor was poured - has been in very large part to hundreds of volunteer hours. The latest estimate of volunteer hours to date is over 2,500 hours!! We are so thankful for the talents and time of this group of people.

The cost of these renovations was in excess of $500,000. Our church set a fundraising goal of $400,000 in order to complete the project and offset any unforeseen expenses. The completion of this project will rest heavily on the hands of generous contributions and fundraisers. To date we have raised over $325,000. We continue to take donations, pledges or memorials to help finance the renovations. If you would like to help us with this worthwhile project, checks can be made out to St. Wilfrid Renovation Fund and mailed to St. Wilfrid Catholic Church, PO Box 266, Woonsocket SD 57385.

John Green Prints of St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church

One of our fundraisers was to commission John Green to paint St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Church. The original framed painting “Reflections of Faith” was sold by live auction on July 4, 2015, along with the first three numbered/signed prints, which were framed and matted. Total raised from this auction was over $9000!

Going forward, we are continuing to sell prints. You may choose to purchase a print only for $100, or may order a framed and matted print - triple mat $250, double mat $240, single mat $230. All proceeds from the sale of the painting and prints will go towards the basement renovation. Here is an order form you may use to complete and send with payment to St. Wilfrid's Church, PO Box 266, Woonsocket SD 57385. You may also email for more information. Framed prints will be delivered to Woonsocket when ready. If you want a print only, you can get one in Woonsocket any time.

This first picture shows the print alone with border. Size of the print is 14.5' x 22'.


Below is a sample of a framed/single matted print. Main matting color is burgundy. Size framed is 25"x 33".

Below is a sample of a framed double matted print. Main matting color is green.

Below is a sample of a framed/triple matted print. Main matting color is a grayish blue. We also have the option of another frame that is a lighter wood color. Will get a picture of that as soon as possible.


To save on construction work, we have held many work nights/days with hundreds of hours of volunteer labor.  
See pictures:
Pictures from Work Night 1
Pictures from Work Night 2
Construction Pictures
Through your help, donations and pledges, we can maintain the structure and integrity of this great church.  We thank you for your help and support.

St. Wilfrid Renovation Committee